Well, I'm roughly 924 earth years old. My home planet is called Thra-- Oh, you mean my real self? hmm, okay.

I'm an extremely sarcastic 20 year old female from England. I do random stuff on the internet like host this and other's sites ( see StargateTech2's wiki for example ). I also run an IRC bouncer for people ( though I generally prefer that I know before hand in various IRC channels on the EsperNet network ).

I also own and operate most of the servers for The Dark IRC Co. Network, it's twinned with the PC-Logix IRC Network owned by Michiyo, you can get on to it by connecting to either thedarkirc.co using standard IRC ports or by directly connecting to this address, take your pick.

Might write some more info here later but for now, bye.

Ways to contact me

Well, you can reach me by Twitter @LizzyTheSiren,
or via IRC on EsperNet ( usually as "Lizzy" in #EnderNet or #oc )