Blog Changes 2: Electric Boogaloo (My blog is moving!)

2019-05-25 - Uncategorised

Recently I acquired a new domain,, which I’ll be using for my personal stuff and will probably be updated more frequently. The existing content here before this post will be on the new location, though probably without the “meta” posts since they will kinda be useless.

This site/domain ( will stay as-is for a while, after which time the site will be converted to a static site which will serve as a showcase of sorts for the various things EnderNet can do (should I ever be in a position to do something like that full time…).

The Automatic posting to my Twitter & Mastodon accounts will continue working on both (though they only post when I actually post something so this won’t be that noticeable). My BlogLovin’ stuff has already been switched and those of you who subscribe there should be able to see it (though you wont see this one now, ironically).
I’ll probably also enable comments fully when I switch over, so if you’ve ever wanted to do that you’ll soon be able to (you can still Tweet/Toot at me via Twitter & Mastodon if you like 🙂 )

That’s all for now, Lizzy out!