Welcome to the EnderNet!

There's not much here right now, however some of the services we can provide are listed below.
If you are looking for Lizzy's Blog (Ramblings of a Confused), it's now over at https://lizzian.uk.

Services we provide

IRC Bouncer / ZNC Accounts.
Come see us in #EnderNet on EsperNet if you want an account.
Sorry, sign-ups are currently not being accepted for the forseable future.

Rudementary reverse-proxy/webcache services for your website. You'll likely get a better experience with Cloudflare, just saying.
If you still want us to do it, come drop by our IRC channel (#EnderNet on EsperNet) or poke us on our social media accounts.

VM/VPS Hosting via QEMU+KVM.
This is currently only limited to friends and people we trust. We may open it up more in the future but we have no plans to do that right now.

Social Medias


I'm @LizzyTheSiren on Twitter,
LizzyTrickster on Twitch,
and Lizzian on Steam!