Well hello there, welcome to my site.
I'm Lizzy, a 19 20 year-old Punk chick from England. This site is the home to my stories: Ender's Game (not to be confused with the novels/film of the same name) and Zero Hour, incomplete information pages for some of the services I provide, some art and some of my (incomplete) minecraft mods. Head over to the info page to see how you can contact me.

News Be Below

Site Status / Updates

Posted Mon, 28th of November, 2016

Wow, I haven't even posted here in over a year.
Just a note that quite a bit of the info on this site is outdated at the moment, my BNC account requests are not open at this time and my IRC net has changed a fair bit.
If you want to get onto my IRC net, use irc.theender.net or irc.pc-logix.com. I'll probably update the page at some point.
I am also working on an update to the backend stuff my site uses which will allow me to manage things more easilly though it's not going that fast at the moment
That's all for now, Lizzy out o/

Game of Servers

Posted Mon, 8th of June, 2015

So, recently one of my friends told me about Vultr. Initially I didn't think about it much but after looking at what they offer (to see if it was any better than Digital Ocean) I wanted to switch over to them. In terms of hardware performance and storage, the plans don't have any differences. Though what they do have is a proper IPv6 /64 block and the ability to buy more IPv4 addresses should I need them. They also have a much bigger range of pre-loaded distros for you to use as well as the ability for custom ISO support.
Anyway, enough about new server hosts, lets talk about the servers themselves.

As of me writing this, I have 4 servers: Thor (Dedicated server in Canadia), Heyo & Anquietas (VPS' from DO in London) and the newest addition: Janus (Vultr, in Paris). Janus is going to be the Successor to Heyo & Anquietas and has the same CPU, RAM and SSD space as Heyo for about 2$ less.

I am in the process of either migrating things from Heyo & Anquietas to Janus/Thor or disabling stuff if I nolonger need them. It also means there is going to be some down time for this site and the others I host (StargateTech2 Wiki for instance). I will also be messing around with Nginx and Python based web development so that will be fun.
That's all for now, Ender Lizzy out o/

Continued Site Updates

Posted Tue, 2nd of January, 2015

I'm working on my site again so \o/
Over the next few days I'll be moving more stuff about so this news column will move to it's own sub section and only the latest one will be shown here (on the home page) to make way for other things to be on the main landing page.
As for story updates, Zero Hour has been put on hold for a bit until I can post quite a bit of it all in one go; Ender's Game I have a chapter in the works for which is dated a few days after the events of The Siren so look out for that soon (I'll aim to get it out by the 11th of January).
As for general life stuff I start my first job on Monday (5th) which is gonna be fun considering my sleeping pattern is slightly fucked at the moment :/ oh well, hehe.
That's all for now, Ender out o/

New story and other updates

Posted Tue, 18th of November, 2014

Lately I've been working on a different story to Ender's Game, it's current title is Zero Hour but I might change that to something different if I think of something better.

As for other updates, lately I've been working on EnderBot3 and it's making good progress at least on the base level.
Currently in the base it can get user details such as their nick and NS account and allows for modules to be dynamically loaded. I plan to have it ready and have a few modules by the end of the week and will basically pick up where v2 currently is.

Site updates: I generally have not been motivated to work on the site recently but I do plan to fix it up in preperation for releasing the first few chapters of Zero Hour. I should also probably add like a "services" section where people can get information about stuff like ZNC, MC, whatever.

Also I have ideas for another one of my "overthought ramblings" which is about Paradoxes and time travel. I'll probably post it on Saturday to both here and my Tumblr.

That's all for now, Ender out o/


Posted Sat, 1st of November, 2014

Forenote: This was originally intended to go out on the 31st of October but me being me I forgot to post it, oh well

Boo! Did I scare you? No? Oh well, I tried.

Secrets. We all have them, some more than others. Some share their secrets with others, some keep them all hidden away. Some are stupid habits we have when no one is watching, others are more serious. Some of them we keep locked away and try to run from them because the thought of friends and relatives knowing haunts them.

To say I have a fair few secrets would be a mild understatement. I’d like to say I’m good at keeping my own and other’s secrets, well, secret. I have quite a few that could quite possibly change my relationships with my friends so I choose to keep it all locked up. It’s not good to that for a long time, you start to lose your mind a bit because you’re afraid of it slipping out. Afraid of the consequences but more afraid of the effect it has on the people you hold dear. Some secrets should never be exposed. Some are flaws you can work on. Some need to be unlocked and let free before they drive you insane. Though for some, the insanity is less painful than the alternative. I have a few secrets currently that I never want to let free until I have a means of replacing the void that would be left behind.

Anyway, enough of my over-thought ramblings, Ender out o/

Site update plans and other news

Posted Thu, 2nd of October, 2014

Few bits of news to go up here, first stuff is gonna be about the site and the plans I have for it.
Site Updates:
The layout / style of the site will change a bit, have not fully decided what I'm going to do with it yet but I want to change the layout a bit and also re-organise it slightly. For example on the main homepage ( where you are now ) will probably not be entirely news, it may only have the most recent post and the rest will be a dedicated page. The story corner will also get a facelift because the current way is a bit hard to navigate.

Minecraft Mods:
You may have seen the tab I had for LaserCraft, I have not got much further with it because I didn't know ( and still don't ) how to do TileEntities. Lasercraft in itself is being discontinued and it's contents will be merged into a new mod I'm making called Technical Shenanigans which you can find on My GitHub. I do want to get LaserCraft up to the original standard I wanted it but I have not really had the motivation to do so.

There may be more information posted here later but that will be all for now. Anyway, Ender out o/

The Enderverse 1.7.10 update

Posted Tue, 23rd of September, 2014

Updates are comming today, I will link to the pack download when I have it ready. I'm also going to put the 1.6.4 world + pack into a subfolder for previous players to get.
1.6.4 world + pack can be found in the downloads

Yes, it's finally here. We have a launcher now, it can be downloaded here. Apply on the OC Forums or just ask me on IRC. Happy Hacking!

Ender out o/

Having ideas for a new story

Posted Wed, 17th of September, 2014

Probably going to be titled "Zero hour" or something better if I think of one.
It will probably use the same characters as the current story and a few others but there will be no super-human/alien powers in use. Just ordinary people doing slightly extra ordinary things (like flying planes and stuff).
I'll release more details when I start to finalise them.
Ender out o/
Also this is the first post that hasn't been on a Sunday.

The Siren has been released

Posted Sun, 7th of September, 2014

It's been in the works for quite a bit, mainly because I didn't have much motivation to write for a while because of my phone not saving the massive amount of progress I had made which meant I had to redo it.
Anyway, it's released now so go check it outin the story corner.
Ender out o/

New chapter released

Posted Sun, 17th of August, 2014

Hello again, chapter 4.4 of my story dubbed "A1_C4T" has been released now \o/
Also I might switch to just name based chapters, because of the way my story is going makes chapter numbers seem stupid. That and the fact that timeline is going to be jumpy for a while now.
Also my minecraft server that I run, updates will be comming tomorrow (monday). They inlude Modular Power Suits, ComputerCraft (because SuPeRMiNoR2 wanted it) and updates to existing mods.

That's all for now,
Ender out o/

Decisions and updates of stuff

Posted Sun, 27th of July, 2014

It just occured to me that my story needs a name but I cant think of any good ones :/ If you have a suggestion send it to me using one of my many means of contact :) It has one now thanks to Dean4Devil, it's called "The Ender's Games" ^_^


Development is going slow at the moment, mainly because my main playing version is 1.6 and I don't want to attempt to backport so meh. Once ThermalExpansion is out for 1.7 I'll probably continue it (because then I'll be able to use the power system and LordFokas' StargateTech will also be released so I can use the abstract bus system from that \o/ )


I released chapter 4.2 yesterday \o/
The next segment will probably be the last of the 4.x range and after that the chapters will probably start being semi random again.
I have also been thinking about converging with ShadowKatStudios' Hexadecimal based calendar system and writing chapters to go with that but I haven't set anything in stone yet. I'm also not sure how I'll go about doing the hex-based chapters.
Here, have an interesting gif I found today
That's probably all for now, Ender out o/

Be all my sins remember'd

Posted Sun, 15th of June, 2014

Today, Sunday the 15th of June. My Father's cat, Collumbia, passed away at the old age of 16.
The vet said that he had an infection in his mouth and his kidneys had shut down and even if we were to hospitalise him, the vet gave him about a week left to live. He had a good run in his 16 years. I estimate he used 4 of his 9 lifes.
He will be sorley missed :'(

Here he is in his prime, sleeping on my keyboard